Bahamas Bucket List

Hey Ya’ll!!! I hope everyone is having an amazing week!! Ash & I just got back from The Bahamas where I was able to cross off THREE of my travel bucket list items in just THREE days!!! If you’ve read our About Us section you know one of the reasons we started our blog is to hold ourselves accountable to live out our travel dreams.

Check out three of mine below…


The Leap Of Faith Waterslide @ Atlantis in Paradise Island

I saw a picture of this slide on Pinterest yearsss ago and screamed I HAVE TO DO THIS!! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Leap Of Faith, it’s a 60ft high waterslide with an almost vertical drop surrounded by a glass encasing of SHARKS! Sounds amazing right?!

Ash and I arrived at Atlantis about an hour before the waterslides closed so I immediately stripped down and rushed in line (well, immediately after aimlessly wandering around the resort for about 15 minutes…the place is HUGE). The years of anticipation had me giddy with excitement and beyond thrilled that I was finally experiencing it until I actually went to sit down on the slide and saw the sharks below waiting to eat me. Then it hit me that I was about to slide into a pool of sharks…SHARKS. Sure, they were enclosed and I wouldn’t actually be joining them for their late afternoon swim, but when your brain registers clear glass as open water infested SHARKS you start to panic a little. Not wanting to be the grown woman scared to go down a waterslide that 12 year olds were waiting to get on, I took a deep breath, leaned back, crossed my arms, heard the lifeguard say “don’t die” and slid down with grace and fearlessness IN A FULL BLOWN PANIC. Ya’ll, there was not an eardrum left intact in the whole waterpark. I SCREAMED the entire way down and LOVED every terrifying second of it!


Swimming With The Pigs @ Grand Cay Exuma, Bahamas.

The first time I became aware of these adorable piggies was an Instagram post from Kourtney Kardashian (I’m a Kardashian enthusiast and make no apologies for it. Judge me if you must 💁🏾). She posted the most incredible pics of her in crystal clear water surrounded by pigs and I was sold. SIGN ME UP. Of course she didn’t include her location, but after a few clicks on Google I knew exactly where to find them…the swimming pigs not the Kardashians.

What I didn’t realize was how hard and long it takes to get to them if you’re not staying in Exuma. Luckily for all of ya’ll hoping to take a dip with the piggies, I tell you all about how to get there from Nassau in my Swimming With The Pigs post. Check it out for all the deets!

On our flight to Nassau I was sitting next to a woman who had previously traveled to Pig Beach and the first thing out of her mouth was, “Watch out for the poop. They go in the water.” Wait…WHAAAAT?! The thought neverrrr even crossed my mind, but she was right! Other than that little fun fact, the pigs were so stinkin’ cute yall! There were a few large ones and lots of piglets that just steal your heart!!

They mostly run around the beach tearing up all the food brought to them. You have to lure them into the water with food they don’t swim for free. And all those super cute selfies we’ve all seen of people holding what appears to be smiling pigs are really them letting out heartbreaking squeals pleading to be put down. Some of the piglets are more apt to being held, but even the most cuddle friendly ones eventually start screeching to be put down.

It’s such a unique experience to see pigs running around their own private island and swimming in the ocean it quickly became one of my top travel experiences ever.


Ocean Atlas Underwater Gallery By Jason DeCaires Taylor @ Clifton Heritage Park.

I love art in many of its various mediums and when I saw pictures of Jason DeCaires Taylor’s installation in Grenada years ago, I became an instant fan of his work. Not only does he create these incredible sculptures, he puts them in some of the most beautiful waters in the world combining two of my favorite things.

Ocean Atlas was installed in 2014 at the Clifton National Heritage Park and is the largest singular underwater sculpture in the world. The beautiful Bahmian girl holding up the ceiling of the ocean is simply breathtaking.

As we pulled up to the beach area of Clifton we noticed the water was pretty choppy and asked if it was still okay to do the dive. Our tour guides assured us we’d be fine and prepared us for the swim to the dive site. We brought our own snorkeling gear, but Clifton has some available to rent for $10.

The quick and easy dive we had envisioned was everything but that. The water was rough to swim through, both of our snorkeling gears kept closing up on us causing our air supply to be cut off and we simply could not get it together. I lost a fin, inhaled a gallon of seawater trying to fix my breathing tube, started choking and briefly saw myself joining the Bahmian girl statue on the ocean floor. I use to lifeguard in the summers so I’m an experienced swimmer, but the condition of the waters around the dive site made me look as if it were my first time taking off my floaties. I was such a mess! All I wanted was to admire the beautiful sculpture, get a bomb picture to post on Instagram (do it for the Gram) and not miss my flight back home.

Only one of those things got accomplished…I landed in Houston on time.

On the drive to the airport, Ash and I talked about our hopes to leave a legacy of wonder and adventure. It’s our desire to not only inspire ya’ll to pursue your dreams but to pass on our spirits of wanderlust to our children. I mean, how cool would it be if our travels inspired bucket lists for our grandkids one day?!

You can watch our whole Bahamas adventure on YouTube. 

 “If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old.” -Unknown

Brittnie Nicole