How to Get To Sekumpul Waterfalls – And Slide Down A Natural Waterslide in Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall is one of the most beautiful scenic natural attractions in Bali. The waterfall is actually a group of seven hidden cascades inside of a bamboo forest. You can reach the falls on a nature trek through the small village of Sekumpul, in North Bali. The 3 mile hike itself is very rough terrain with a newly constructed blessing of hundreds of stairs.

We decided to book Bali Trekking Trails to get us to the falls without worry and peace of mind as it was two hours from where we were in Canggu. Their tour boasts passing through temples, historic monuments, beautiful rice fields, a ride on a natural waterslide, waterfall cliff jumping and the Sekumpul falls and within 4 hours. In addition you will get traditional Indonesian snacks and lunch made to order. They went above and beyond to deliver what they boast on their website and we couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Trek Duration : Roughly 4 to 5 hours, Full travel time from pickup to drop off depending on traffic is 8-9 hours

Total Cost : Roughly $60 Per Person

Details of the Itinerary of Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking Tour Exclusive Package:

07:00 am – Pick up at the hotel

09.00 am – Arrive at trekking point and start the Trek.

10:30 am – Natural Waterslide and lunch break with authentic Indonesian snacks and freshly picked coconuts from our guides.

12:00 Pm – Small waterfall cliff jumping.

1:00 – Sekumpl waterfalls.

2:30 Finish and Eat Late Lunch

3:30 Head Back to Hotel

Bali Trekking Trails picked us up from our hotel at 7AM in a private air conditioned car for a two hour drive north. Although it was a long journey with a change in elevation and contained a few curves, I wasn’t carsick at all. Both tour guides spoke excellent English and taught us a lot about Bali’s rich culture. Once we arrived we met another local village guide who would accompany all of us on the rest of the trek. He told us stories of his childhood and the traditions of the village as we walked through the jungle, making it an even more informational and personable experience.

What To Bring

When deciding what to pack, you need to consider Bali weather. We went during rainy season and luckily brought ponchos. Mother Nature shifted from sunshine to showers in the blink of an eye. If you are bringing equipment for photo or video, bring a waterproof bag as well considering the mist from the waterfalls. We just wore running shoes which were fine, but ideally something sturdy and with traction is the best option. I would also suggest bringing some water shoes for the actual falls. You can swim there but getting there barefoot is painful without protection.

Bug spray. Bug spray. Bug spray. I can’t stress this enough for any jungle-type-trek. We really vouch for “Skin So Soft” by Avon. Works like a charm. And don’t forget to pack your swimwear, a towel and a dry change of clothes.

The Hike

The terrain was paved and easy as well as muddy and difficult. The stairs will be a workout as there are around 1,000 total to scale just for the waterfalls alone. The hike is broken up with points of fun and rest so it makes it less daunting. The reward at the end is the traditional food that is made to order in a small restaurant right next to a “Bali Swing”.

The Falls

This place seems like an Instagram hot spot. In reality, it wasn’t very crowded at all so you really get to connect with nature instead of feeling like it’s selfie central.

We also were able to cliff jump off of another waterfall and camp out for a while. This was a cool surprise as we didn’t even know it was a part of the tour.


Halfway through the trek we were offered a traditional snack and drink.  They actually climbed the trees to cut down fresh coconuts for us and gave us hot tea. We also had a lunch at a small restaurant inside of a hut after the entire tour overlooking the rice fields where you could choose chicken or vegetarian meals.

Additional Notes

There is only one road to get there and back. If you are not touring with a guide, driving can be scary. A car in front of us actually got stuck in the mud setting us back an hour. But the beauty of the setback was that the entire village and our guide, Putuuu got out in the rain to help. That just goes to show how amazing and selfless the people of the village and our guides were. 

This was just one of the tours that Bali Trekking Trails offers. 

They also offer:

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  • and more…

For More information on Bali Trekking Tours or to book and excursion, visit | +6281237900857 +6285333522822

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    April 29, 2018

    This sounds like a dream!!! How did you find out about this tour group/company? Sometimes traveling to an unknown place can be intimidating when choosing guides, etc., how do you decide?