Must Pack Skin Products: Thailand

My name is Brittnie and I’m a product junkie. I have my tried and true OG products, but also love experimenting with new ones as well. I typically choose my travel products based on the climate of the places I’m visiting. Knowing I was going somewhere tropical with the most disrespectful mosquitoes played a huge role in which ones I brought along for the trip.


Here’s the list of products that I could not have survived without in Thailand.


Airplanes are notorious for dehydrating skin and my favorite way to replenish is with a good ole fashioned sheet mask. Drinking water is the best option, but if you’re anything like me using a plane lavatory is to be avoided by all means necessary. Ash and I are currently obsessed with snail masks and stocked up on tons of cheap ones while we were in Thailand (2 for 1 hollaaaaa). With our 20+ hour travel days these masks saved our skin! You can find tons of inexpensive sheet masks at Ulta and other beauty stores AND they’re super easy to pack!

I’ve been using Elta MD for years. It’s my go-to sunblock for my face. It doesn’t leave you looking greasy, it dries clear, it’s great for acne prone skin and hyperpigmitation. And YES us brown girls need sunscreen too! It took many lectures from my dermatologist to convince me of this, but now I never go outside without it. The only downside about Elta MD products is that it’s only sold at physician offices, but you can find a list of which ones sell it in your area on their website here.

Who doesn’t love laying in the sun all day letting it paint you beautiful shades of brown? After seeing numerous posts of gorgeous bronzed bodies on Instagram with credit to the Aussie brand Bali Body, I decided to order a bottle and I wasn’t disappointed. I went with the Coca Oil which gives you a beautiful bronzed coloring as you tan. Even though it gives a little instant color, it doesn’t leave streaks or a mess behind. Remember to always wear sunscreen while you’re in the sun! More freckles and tans are goals, but not worth risking skin cancer. Check out Bali Body’s tanning products on their website.


This body oil is an old Southern home remedy to keep the mosquitoes away. My grandmother use to put it in our baths in the summer to keep us from getting bitten. The mosquitos in Thailand are ruthless and most places supply you will spray, but Skin So Soft is a great alternative to the stinky and often harmful repellents on the market and it lives your skin soooo soft (corny pun intended). Skin So Soft comes in a variety of forms from body wash to lotions, but I find the spray oil the most convenient to travel with and apply. It’s currently on sale online at Avon’s website.

I’d love to know some of yall’s favorite travel products. Leave suggestions in the comments!

 *I was not paid or gifted by any of the brands listed. They are all products bought and used by me because I genuinely love them. If you are a brand looking to work with us feel free to send us an email at

Brittnie Nicole