Norwegian Airlines was awesome enough to gift us a free flight to Thailand! Here’s a little Q&A sesh about our experience flying from New York to Bangkok with them.

Q: So… How in the HECK did you guys swing this rad deal?

Ashley: After 10 years of slaving behind a lens and eating canned salmon, I’d built a decent client resume and dabbled in some video work. Luckily, XONecole noticed. I did a few shoots for Necole and her blog in 2014-2015. God sprinkled some favor on that relationship and we were invited to Thailand to blog about our experience and capture hers.

So, here we are.

Q: What was your experience like flying with Norwegian?

Brit: Great! I learned a lot about the company itself on the first leg of our trip. The Supervising Flight Attendant, Derek, shared how Norwegian is expanding it’s territory in the U.S. and the routes they will be flying with their new Boeing 737-Max’swhich are all the hype right now for aviation nerds like myself.

Ash: I ate. Twice. I reclined. I watched movies. I had THE best flight I’ve ever had in my life. 

Q: Can you give us a list of pros and cons that you may have experienced to show your readers that you’re honest reviewers and not just pay for positive wordplay wizards?

Ashley: YES. Norwegian’s Premier class is sexy, clean, welcoming, and modern. There is nothing that I can’t stand more than feeling like you’ve been ripped off for a long flight by terrible dated planes and no updated technology. This was SUPER important to me. Norwegian nailed it.

My favorite feature was the genius dimming effect on the windows. The  old, run-of-the-mill window shade no longer had the luxury of slamming shut and giving you a rude awakening when other passengers play God and let there be no more light. The sunshine doesn’t go from 0 to 100 when “Bob” in the middle seat decides he wants to see the clouds.

Instead, the window is managed by the push of a quiet button, making the experience much more serene. I’m totally for zen.

Brit: I agree with Ashley. I will admit that I’m a bit jaded and frequently blown away by a plane’s interior at this point in my travels, but I really looooved Norwegian’s windows which gave you the ability to tint it in various degrees. For someone who loves to daydream in the clouds but also detests the glaring sun when I’m sleeping, it was dope to have the option of keeping my window open during the day without waking up the whole cabin with the light. I also loved Norwegian’s flight maps. It had so many features and views to keep up and explore where we were at any given moment. It’s the little things, y’all.

The Seating:

Ashley: I. Slept. Like. A. Baby. These seats reclined SO far and I still had room to kick around like a child. I woke up frequently to do full yoga poses with no problems. This is an extra luxury when you’re 5’3”. I could have brought a Great Dane as my footrest and still had plenty of room. They also feature airflow that doesn’t cause jet lag.

The headrest was also a nice touch with the fold in options. I imagine this is to ensure you don’t accidentally fall asleep, turn your head and drool on your neighbor who is paying Premium Class coins.

Brit: I’m fun sized as well, so even when I fly Economy, spacing is usually not an issue for me. No complaints there. I slept very comfortably for the majority of our flights. 

The Service:

Ashley: I felt like a Disney princess. Maybe that’s because we were in premium seats with so much space. In my short lifetime, I have only ever been upgraded from coach to business class in the 90’s as a fluke. I’m too cheap to ever upgrade. This was a treat for me. I may only fly this way from now on for the comfort and to skip jet lag.

However, on previous Economy Class flights that I have flown, I do appreciate having hot towels and other small amenities. A toothbrush kit would have been clutch since I forgot mine and had to buy a new one when wasn’t provided.

They did give us these headphones though, which would be great had we forgotten ours.

Brit: The cabin crew was on point and they went out of their way to offer us anything and everything available to them to make us comfortable. I fly A LOT and some airlines make flying more seamless and painless than others, despite lacking a few benefits Norwegian is definitely one of them! My priorities in flying are hassle free travel, fabulous looking crews (call me superficial, but I love a flight attendant who slays!) and some good, old-fashioned customer service. Norwegian hit the head on the nail with all of them.

The Bathrooms:

Ashley: Even with a lot of traffic, the restroom was always clean. They even smelled nice. I liked the lighting shift from moody blue to a soft light when you entered the bathroom. Normally, harsh lighting in a bathroom after a nap is a deterrent for me in other airlines that I’ve experienced.

The Food:

Ashley: Loved the packaging! I am a sucker for “punny” things, great typography and design. I trusted the food that I was consuming was quality and as clean as the design, with no additives.


Brit: I slept through both meal services on our first flight, but the beef and potatoes on our Stockholm to Bangkok leg were amazing!! The beef actually had flavor and seasoning which was a pleasant surprise for airplane food.

Other pros and cons:

Pro: They have a remote touch, screen flip-up screen that’s adjustable so you aren’t disturbed mid-movie when someone reclines with your tv in their seat.

Cons: What is this remote control for since we have a touch screen? It also doesn’t detach. So that’s hard to use.

Pro: The seats recline far with room to spare.

Con: But not all the way. With no First Class, there are no completely lay flat seats.

Pro: The well put together flight attendants and wonderful service.


We had the best time flying with Norwegian. Like YokoCoco, it’s new, modern and fun! We are excited about its expanding flight schedule in the United States and can’t wait to take more of our adventures with them!




Ashley Nguyen